About Boldt House

Mission Statement

BOLDT HOUSE is an agency of dreamers and explorers, aspiring to forge a more united and purposeful future for the common good of our clients, friends and their community. Our passion is what drives us, to experiment, to learn, to get better with every step. As creatives, we are risk takers who think bigger, in an endless pursuit to turn ideas into reality. As gatherers, we are inquisitive, curious about data and how it can be used to shape the future with purpose and meaning. Our strength is the ability to collaborate and build confidence, trust and long-lasting relationships. Our Spirit is ever evolving, encourage by the heart of those who take the road less traveled on a quest to create something greater than ourselves.

House Values


Build teams, communities and dreams.


Capture the right opportunities to provide true sustainability for the cultivators and businesses in Humboldt County

Create spaces where opportunity can exist.

L=Lead & Listen

Collect data and content that will benefit everyone

Help clarify advertising and defending the right to freedom of speech especially when it is legal to do so.


Define clear messages for brands.

Define a stronger and higher profile for the cannabis industry

Define the stories that make you who you are and why that is important to the rest of the world.


Truth in everything we do

Empathy and heart driven

Our Team


James is a native Californian born in San Francisco and raised in Lake Tahoe. His background includes 15 years in radio broadcasting, 16 years in the music recording industry and he has over a decade of digital marketing and leadership experience. He has worked for Hearst, Sinclair Broadcast Group, Media General, Atlantic and Mercury Records and his radio background includes KLSX in Los Angeles, Seattle, Milwaukee and New York. James created Boldt House with a renewed energy and focus supported by the parent agency 4Nosis in Half Moon Bay. “The focus for Boldt House will be on the growing cannabis industry in Northern California. Our team has the belief that it is such a special time and place it needed a brand of its’ own kind..hence Boldt House”



Alex started in the digital space in 2013. After graduating from Lehigh University, he joined a startup called EggZack Here he realized the value of tapping into small businesses and helping them grow through the digital space. Alex works in the Pharmaceutical Benefit Management industry, consulting in the new sales division of Express Scripts in St. Louis MO. Utilizing his knowledge in the digital space, he continued to have a focus in that realm that ultimately culminated with the formation of 4Nosis and Boldt House through a partnership between James Crowe C0-CEO.


Technology Director/Engineer
Jeff is a high energy and intuitive leader who possesses a unique blend of technical skills and business experience. He has worked with global companies managing multinational resources to deliver bottom-line results. Jeff’s entrepreneurial experiences & passion for emerging technology allows him to meet the ever-changing requirements of today’s business world head-on.


Director of Branding & Design
Debbie is a Creative Director who is passionate about simple and beautifully engaging graphics, as well as aesthetic and functional web design. She understands that design is an expression of the purpose and must send the same message to everyone.


Director of Digital Strategy
Jackson is a five-year SEO and digital marketing director. He has taught digital courses, provided consulting for 75 different companies, and is our guru for all marketing needs. Jackson is creative in his ability to find new outlets and efforts to grow organic and paid audience sizes. More than 10x-ing current traffic for our clients, Jackson will take care of your brand and provide tangible results to take your brand to the next level.


Lead Project Manager
Jade’s graphic design journey began through the chicanery of photographers inspiring her to learn to fix portfolio photos herself. Her creative efforts include print/digital content and design, logos and branding, and social media for a wide range of companies many NYC-based artists, restauranteurs, theater geniuses, entrepreneurs and NYC Bees. To keep herself grounded, she is a passionate culinary enthusiast/alchemist, coffee and tea aficionado, and photographer who loves to write poetry, short stories, and engaging social media posts. Jade is also an experienced makeup artist and organic skincare specialist, who often whips up her own lotions and balms.



Chief Advisor

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