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3D Animation

For decades, animated brand characters have provided a massive increase in brand awareness, leading to an increase in sales. If you are looking to create an animated brand property that makes you stand out from the competition, then you’ve come to the right place. Boldt House’s team of award-winning artists have worked on projects such as Horton Hears A Who, Ice Age 4, Green Lantern and much more. Our team will create a custom character animation that will make your brand memorable on TV, film, internet and social media giving you big studio quality for projects of every scope and size.

Boldt House Guarantees
  • Studio Quality results without the Hollywood price tag
  • Experienced producers managing every project
  • Production remaining on time and in budget
  • Flexibility to provide feedback, guiding revisions.
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Creative Development

Need help with your story or script?

Not sure about how to translate your brand into an animated character?

The Boldt House team has over 40 awards for writing, directing and producing animated content under their belt. Our team is committed to providing an top-notch creative consultation on any and all aspects of your project from start to finish.


Our team creates high-quality, immersive animated episodic or feature length content based on your story or script. Each project is approached with an unbeatable combination of quality and value. Our producers and animation artists have worked on blockbuster feature films that include Ice Age 4, Horton Hears A Who, Green Lantern and over a dozen other global video releases.

Branding & Marketing

The Boldt House team uses its decades of combined marketing, advertising and business development experience to carefully analyze your business, your industry, your competition and your ultimate goals to craft the perfect character to effectively brand your business and dominate your market.

3D Rendering

Expectations are higher than ever before. A single detail can make the difference between winning or losing a multi-million dollar project. At Boldt House, our team understands how crucial it is to deliver your message in a clear and impactful way. Whether it’s to prove your comprehension of a project to a panel of board members or explaining your proposed solution to a group of concerned citizens. Our team is experienced in creating high-quality renderings, animated fly-throughs and virtual simulations that will provide your audience with an engaging, immersive and realistic way to comprehend the context of your proposed solution.

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Boldt House is the only place where you can join forces with a team that:

  • Can speak your language – Boldt House works with many award winning multi-disciplinary engineering firms.
  • Is DBE Certified in 5 states (CA, FL, NC, VA, & TX)
  • Offers gratuitous Preferred Client rewards and perks
  • Is 100% privately owned by members actively working in the company with no 3rd party corporate affiliations
  • Offers Rush Service and 11th Hour Support
  • Provides on-site production for charrettes and training
  • Focuses on building lasting relationships
  • Specializes in transportation engineering proposals and presentations
  • Is highly responsive and can accommodate last-minute changes
  • Has produced 10,000+ engineering-specific graphics and videos
  • Has been involved with over 2,000 engineering proposals and presentations
  • Is happy to help you on an as-needed basis with no minimums or contracts required
  • Can serve as a sub consultant on your team or work privately behind the scenes

We take confidentiality very seriously at BOLDT HOUSE and will never share any information about our collaboration, your plans, proposals, projects, or otherwise, without your permission.

App Development

There’s an app for that, so where is yours? Today, having an app can give you an edge in the marketplace. At Boldt House, our approach to app development incorporates your brands specific needs and brand identity to establish design and UX/UI. Our team develops apps to industry standards for Android and Apple iOS devices, handling all technical aspects, including submitting the app for end users to download.

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Enterprise Solutions

  • Mobilize business processes
  • Integrate existing software
  • Bring your business into the mobile age
  • Event / Competition app development
  • Manage competitions and events
  • Mobilize your event itinerary
  • Communicate in real-time with your target audience

Education Solutions

  • Mobilize educational resources
  • Educational games
  • Connect with your educational target demographic

Business Communication

  • Streamline communication with your staff
  • Cut back on the paper trail
  • Increase staff participation


  • Games
  • Video streaming
  • Music Streaming

School Apps

  • School Apps / Lockdown
  • Communicate more effectively with your community
  • Lockdown Emergency situations

Branding & Design

By gaining a deep insight into our clients’ brands, we create logos they can rely on for years to come, while the rest of their brand identity adapts to accommodate growing businesses and changing marketplaces. We approach every project with passion and dedication, applying meticulous detail, skill and craftsmanship to every stage of our design and strategic process. This tailored approach is driven by our client’s aspirations and business objectives, allowing us to reduce the superfluous and deliver functional, enduring and effective design solutions. We create with heart, purpose and passion. We approach every job from a big-picture perspective, and collaborate with a team of talented photographers and copywriters to get the best possible results.

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Brand Identity & Development





E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing

A strong e-mail marketing campaign will allow your brand to communicate with your potential customers in the most effective way, by significantly improving the relationship with your current customer base. This affords  the unique opportunity to learn precisely who is interested in your brand and which products or services appeal to them most. Our team develops solid e-mail marketing strategies that have the potential to grow your brand extensively by generating business opportunities, and ultimately increasing overall sales.

Our Strategy

Our team:

  • Segments and chooses an appropriate target to whom the electronic communication will be directed
  • Designs, develops and sends a Newsletter
  • Manages the brand’s base mailing lists
  • Plan and execute campaign
  • Monitor and report detailed results
Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Navigating the complex terrain of social media platforms is often a challenge for small to medium sized businesses. It all boils down to knowledge. Knowledge of understanding what works and what doesn’t and how that can scale to meet your needs. Boldt House will help promote you on the platforms that make the most sense for your brand, using your brands voice to gain new followers and fans. By constantly measuring the results we are able to refine and improve the effectiveness and impact of your brand. What should matter most to you, is your investment returns measurable results that impact your bottom line, company effectiveness and corporate image.

Search Engine Marketing/Pay Per Click/Pay Per Impression

Search Engine Marketing/Pay Per Click/Pay Per Impression

PPC, paid search and online advertising is more than writing 15 – 20 words, setting a per day budget and hitting the start button. Research on your target market, keyword research, planning the budget, creating copy, designing ads, measuring results and then optimizing results are just a few of the skills needed to deliver the results your business.

Design and implementation of pay per click (CPC) campaigns in search engines and Social Media. Services include:

  • Ad copy creation
  • Advertising notices visible in Mobile Phones, Tablets and Computers.
  • Segmentation of alerts by Geography, Age, Gender, Interests and Custom Profiles.
  • Conversion tracking /Engagement tracking through full integration with Google Analytics
  • CPC Management / CPC Bidding strategies
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization using manual and automatic methodologies
  • Retargeting / Remarketing Campaigns
  • Mobile search

Music Sync

At Boldt House, we are music people. Our Co-CEO spent over 15 years in the music industry, working with labels like Mercury Records, Def Jam, Atlantic Records and Virgin. When it comes to sourcing great music for your project, whether it be it be from an up-and-coming artist or an indie creator, our team can help make your message soar to the right harmonies. The Boldt House team connects music supervisors and creative executives for specific opportunities in film, television, trailers, advertising, and video games. We have first-class knowledge of current market licensing fees and contractual terms, ensuring maximum value for the use of songs for commercial use.

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“A Music Synchronization License,” or “Sync” for short, is a music license granted by the holder of the Copyright of a composition, allowing the licensee to synchronize (“Sync”) music with some kind of visual media output (Film, Television Shows, Advertisements, Video Games, Accompanying Website Music, Movie Trailers, Etc)”

Packaging & Product Design

The Boldt House team has extensive experience with packaging and product design, which culminates into finished goods that are successful for brands and exceed all expectations.

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Design of Product Ranges

Product Individuality  

Companies usually do not manufacture a single product only, but product ranges that include a series with certain similarities. These products require different packaging within the design line.

Structural Design

A well designed box or package can impart an immediate affinity with the consumer and the desire to engage or use the product within. Our team believes that with the right package design, we can represent the complete history of the product in a meaningful way. Creating something attractive to the eye will stir the desire for touch, awaken the soul for possession, and perfectly integrate the consumer with the brand.

Label Design

At Boldt House we strive to make labels evoke a feeling, a memory, a want… The design of a label forces us to maintain a delicate balance between experience, creativity and intuition that awakens our right side of the brain and makes us enjoy our work.


Our team is experienced in producing a wide range of video content. From “How To” videos and TV commercials to live action and animation, we’ve done it all. Our in-house creative and production teams have broad capabilities, so we can holistically deliver content that works across and influences the entire customer journey. If you’re not sure what type of video you need, or how best to use it, then our video content strategy can help.

Video Strategy

Video Strategy

A robust video strategy will enhance your content’s performance and use your budget effectively. Our team starts by working to understand the landscape of your brand, its competitors and your audience. These insights help to inform creative ideas that will more effectively resonate with your audience.

Video Creation

Video Creation  

One of our greatest strengths is a deep-rooted passion for storytelling. This empowers our team to create content across a vast spectrum of genres, from product video production, explainer videos, branded content, animated marketing videos, viral marketing campaigns and tv commercials. We pride ourselves on producing well crafted narratives that engage and deliver real value for the audience.

Video Activation

Video Activation

The internet is full of great video content that hasn’t been activated properly and lies dormant. Our team carefully considers how your content will be deployed,discovered and engaged with. Regardless if its a B2B corporate video, a promotional video production, brand film, or a much larger program of work, we optimize the content to reach your audience in the most effective way.

Web Services

Web Design

At Boldt House we don’t believe in creating barriers between what is online and offline, digital or analog. Design is the key element to differentiating a brand from its competitors, no matter where that is. Our process for creating your brand’s digital presence involves a comprehensive overview of your brand, on and off line. We create a digital environment for your brand that will encompass global development and will adapt to any environment on a corporate level, e-commerce or a striking promotional microsite.

A Better Experience

The site must be efficient and easy to use, oriented to the needs of users and the achievement of objectives. We give a key importance to web design, creating dynamic, attractive, useful and efficient ways of navigating and interacting, in accordance with the positioning that we want to give to the brand. We want the user to be satisfied and happy with the experience, to repeat and stay true to the brand.

Maximize the Return on Investment

As an example, when creating an e-commerce site we seek to optimize the user experience so that in just two or three steps the user can make  the purchase. In this way we maximize the return on investment for our clients and facilitate a wonderful shopping experience for the visitor.

Corporate Websites

Direct Conduit

The website is an essential communication channel and a great marketing tool for companies; it is a direct conduit between the market and consumers. Through the website you can communicate brand identity and business values. To achieve this, you need a good online marketing strategy. The Boldt House team works closely with the internal development departments of large companies, acting as a consultant to improve the brand experience and design of the corporate website.


We create responsive websites that are state-of-the-art and adapt to all market devices: iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Android, etc.

Online Store E-Commerce

Design and programming of online stores

  • Online stores are large virtual showcases where each item is displayed with images, information, a detailed description of each product and applications for purchase.
  • Our team knows that for an online store to be successful, it must also have a great design, simple navigation and usability.
  • The design and development of an online store requires a careful strategy of analysis and definition.  The Boldt House team applies our talent, experience and creativity in the realization of online stores oriented to be profitable to ensure that all the digital pieces fit perfectly.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have wide experience and campaigns optimization in Search Engine, Social Media and Multi-Device Display Advertising networks.

SEO pays close attention to:

  • The online buyers journey
  • Lifetime value of your customer
  • Sales cycle timeframe
  • Sales conversion rates
  • Appropriate budgeting
Brand Reputation & Directory Management

Management and Communication

Our goal is to give the brand a unique and personal voice that clearly distinguishes it from its competitors and position companies in a leadership position. We design, plan and execute all the online, offline and mixed actions that the brand needs for its development, either at a corporate or product level.

The Brand Guardianship Service

The Brand Guardianship Service

Aims at the management and correct use of a brand, always supported by the truths and personality of the same, thus ensuring the coherence and consistency of all points of contact brand guardianship

Give Consistency

Give Consistency

Thanks to the figure of the Brand Guardian we can optimize the management of the brand and all its uses at the company’s contact points. In the same way,  we supervise and give consistency to all points of contact where the brand comes to life; fairs, stands, posters, etc.

Why Brand Guardianship?

Why Brand Guardianship?

Thanks to the Brand Guardianship we can: Ensure the correct implementation and development of the brand, Strengthen the brand belonging to the company, optimize processes, tools and communications and Protect the value of the brand above all.

Retail Branding / Spaces

We talk about branding applied to architecture and interior design, spatial applications of the brand, flagships, restoration models, furniture, point of sale… Always revolving around the brand, its values and objectives, whether global or strategic.

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